Moving/Making A Comeback


I've been dead on this site for a year (+) and hopefully I can make a comeback.

School is starting next week so it won't be as soon as I would like, but it'll come.

Also, I'm moving to a new community. There's nothing there yet. I haven't posted anything and haven't even created a layout, but its where I'll be.


Please watch it instead of joining. All post will be open to the public. No more of that, friends only shite.

<3, thanks kids.

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sry; srsly.

Hey guys; I didn't die. LOLZ; new layout is up along with five new wallpapers. new icons/graphics will be up soon, though I really have no clue on what do to them on. Suggestions?
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Hello there! This community is now semi-friends only, meaning that an entry, or post, will be up for about two weeks, then it will be locked up for friends, or members, only. So if you would like to see more of my graphics, feel free to join the community! You DO NOT have to comment to be added.

Some entries will never be public and will be for members only.

Wallpaper Index

Wallpapers I have made. This will be updated whenever I make new wallpapers.

Updated: September 09, 2007.

[6] Bleach
[3] Disney
[2] Cute Is What We Aim For
[4] Fall Out Boy
[3] Harry Potter Series
[2] Misc. Subjects
[12] My Chemical Romance
[7] Panic! At The Disco
[10] Twilight/New Moon

[49] Total

Pimpage: ultimatewalls

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